baotrack for transportation

Description of the problem

Our customer is the boss of a company of 15 taxis based in Dakar. When a customer orders a drive, it is impossible for him to quickly know which will be the available driver the closest to the customer. As a result: customers who wait longer they should, and a misuse of the resources of the company.


baotrack’s solution

The installation in every vehicle of a tracker Pro. This tracker allowed our customer to show on the map of Dakar the real time position of all his fleet of taxis. Besides this important information, the tracker also transmits the level of the fuel gauge, the engine speed as well as the traveled kilometers.

To facilitate the management of the rides we equipped the drivers with an Android smartphone.

On this smartphone, the drivers receive the drives assigned since the plant.

At the end of every week, a report is sent with the statistics of consumption, the traveled kilometers as well as the number of rides by drivers.


Advantages for our customer

A better management of the vehicles: consumption, traveled kilometers.

A precise follow-up on the use of its taxis.

A better time of answer with his customers.

If you too wish you to optimize the management of your vehicles, contact us without further delay.