baotrack marine

Description of the problem

Our customer is a skipper in the port of Kribi in Cameroon. He manages a flotilla of 5 boats which he must be able to manage at best. Often he realizes that certain boats are not where they should be.


baotrack’s solution

We equipped every boat of a baotrack marine tracker. This tracker is ideal for difficult environments and without cover of mobile telephony.

During the exits at sea, all the boats are represented in real time on the available world map via our platform of on-line follow-up. In this way all the positions of ships are registered and available to be able to operate a repositioning on the fishing zone.

Every morning, a detailed report is sent by email.


Advantages for our customer

A better profitability of the exits at sea, thanks to the savings of fuel oil and thanks to the better distribution of ships.

A tool of real-time analysis and a posteriori respective positions.

If you too wish you to optimize the management of your boats, contact us without further delay.